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Rush Royale A Guide arena 4

This guide is your ultimate companion for conquering Arena 4 with ease. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, this guide has got you covered. In Arena 4, you’ll unlock exciting new cards and heroes, including Magic Cauldron, Sentry, Mime, Cold Elemental, Zeus, and Snowflake.

The guide provides two notable decks tailored for Arena 4, each offering a unique strategy for success. With detailed gameplay tips, you’ll learn how to maximize the potential of your cards and heroes

From aggressive tactics to strategic control, these decks cater to different play styles, ensuring there’s something for everyone. So, dive in, master your deck, and dominate Arena 4 in Rush Royale.

The best deck for Arena 4 (Rookie)

We’ve got the ultimate guide to help you dominate the game. With this deck, victory is within your reach. Unlock Arena 4 at 700 trophies and access new cards and heroes. Master the game with our tried and tested deck

It’s tailored for success in Arena 4. Featuring powerful cards like Banner, Bombardier, Engineer, Hunter, and Priestess, this deck packs a punch. Follow our gameplay tips and watch your opponents struggle to keep up. Get ready to become the champion of Arena 4 with the best deck in Rush Royale.

The deck consists of the following :cards

The deck includes these key cards. Banner, Bombardier, Engineer, Hunter, and Priestess. Each card plays a vital role in achieving victory. Banner boosts ATK speed, Bombardier deals heavy damage, while Engineer sets up for powerful attacks.

The deck consists of the following cards

Hunter targets enemies efficiently, and Priestess provides essential support. With these cards combined, you’ll have a well-rounded and formidable deck ready to dominate the arena. Master their strengths and unleash their power to conquer your opponents in Rush Royale’s Arena 4.

  • Banner
  • Bombardier
  • Engineer
  • Hunter
  • Priestess

Gameplay Tips

Firstly, prioritize aggressive play by deploying cards swiftly. Next, focus on leveling up support/buff cards once your deck is full. Ensure strategic placement of Engineers and utilize Banners effectively for ATK speed boosts.

As the battle progresses, watch your Engineers shine when reaching maximum level. Finally, adapt your strateg based on the flow of the game and your opponent’s moves for ultimate victory in Rush Royale’s Arena 4.


Other notable decks

Apart from the featured deck, there are other notable options to consider. These decks offer different strategies and strengths. Each deck is crafted to suit various play styles and preferences.

For example, one deck utilizes the Cold Mage for control, while another focuses on high-damage units like Bombardier and Engineer. Experiment with these decks to find the one that best suits your tactics and leads you to victory in Rush Royale’s Arena 4.

Deck 2

Deck 2 offers an alternative strategy for Arena 4. Featuring the Cold Mage, Bombardier, Engineer, Banner, and Priestess, it emphasizes control and damage. Position Engineers closely for increased damage output. Focus on merging support cards first and rely on Bombardier and Priestess for pressure if unable to align Engineers. Adapt your tactics to outmaneuver opponents and secure victory in Rush Royale.

deck 2
  • Cold Mage
  • Bombardier
  • Engineer
  • Banner
  • Priestess


Tips for Mastering Arena 4

Master Your Deck: Fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of each card in your deck to maximize effectiveness.

Strategic Deployment: Place your cards strategically on the battlefield to control enemy movements and optimize damage output.

Continuous Improvement: Regularly tweak and refine your deck based on your gameplay experiences and evolving strategies.

Hero Selection: Choose a hero that complements your deck and play style, utilizing their abilities to gain an advantage.

Adaptability: Be prepared to adjust your tactics on the fly to counter opponents’ strategies and capitalize on their weaknesses.

Rush Royale Best Deck Sets⇓

TypeDeck Set
PvPHarlequin + Mime + Shaman + Summoner + Boreas
Harlequin + Cold Mage + Dryad + Summoner + Inquisitor
Co-OpHarlequin + Zealot + Bombardier + Chemist + Magic Cauldron
Harlequin + Mime + Shaman + Summoner + Engineer
Good PvPHarlequin + Cold Mage + Mime + Summoner + Inquisitor

Frequently Asks question Answer

Which hero is best for Arena 4?

It depends on your play style, but heroes like Zeus or Snowflake can be effective choices.

How should I handle mana management?

Prioritize deploying low-cost cards early and saving mana for crucial moments.

What if my opponent has a stronger deck?

Focus on maximizing your own deck’s strengths and exploit any weaknesses in your opponent’s strategy.

Is it worth upgrading all cards equally?

No, prioritize upgrading cards that are essential to your deck’s strategy first.

How can I improve my win rate in Arena 4?

Practice, adapt your strategy, and learn from each match to continually improve your gameplay.


Mastering Arena 4 in Rush Royale requires strategic deck building, thoughtful gameplay, and continuous adaptation. With the insights provided in this guide, players can confidently navigate the challenges of Arena 4 and elevate their gameplay to new heights. By understanding card interactions.

deploying tactics effectively, and honing their skills over time, players can dominate the arena and emerge victorious. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, the Best Deck Guide for Arena 4 equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in Rush Royale’s competitive landscape.

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